Our Data

Our Data

Our Data

Gladtrust's own intellectual property rights global database covers 220 million+ enterprises in China and 300 million+ enterprise credit information in the world. It provides digital credit services for 230 countries and regions around the world, among which the enterprise credit reports of 136 countries have realized instantaneous online inquiry by means of interface call.

As a trusted data source for our global customers, customer‘s concern and data privacy are at the core of what we do.


Gladtrust database is the largest database in China, containing information on 220 million+ Chinese companies. It daily collects data from over 200,000 data sources, including registration info, litigation, import & export records, intellectual property, financial, mortgage, news, etc. This ensures that we provide products with the most comprehensive contents.

By utilizing the database and system, the information we provide is checked several times. We also try every possible source to obtain as comprehensive information as possible in order to provide more effective points for our clients. We can customize product content according to the clients' requirements and provide online order and searching system for our clients.


Continually Updated and Regulated

Our database is constantly updated to ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate data every time you access it.


Competitor Analysis

Access high-quality data on potential competitors, clients and specific regions and industries, enabling you to expand your business with confidence.


Time & Cost Saving

Our data is compliant, reliable, and officially sourced. This could save the time and money needed to research, compile and collect data for your organization.

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