Compliance  Reports

Customized reports provided based on customer specific requirements for compliance review of target enterprises.

Conduct customized comprehensive investigation of the target company according to customer needs with multi-channel compliance verification for the target enterprise and its related parties and personnel, collect negative information about the enterprise to the maximum extent, and display the verification results and information sources in the report.

Create the best compliance program for your business

Compliance risk professionals and analytics experts help you plan and execute engineer-aligned, data-driven, and tech-enabled solutions to protect your business and enable growth.

Gladtrust Corporate Compliance Report includes independent investigations of the target company's operating qualifications, operating status, financial status, the background of executives, market risk and management risk. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive review of the target company's compliance with respect to its normal business processes. Examples include whether the target company and its internal staff, shareholders and senior executives are involved in adverse litigation, corruption and bribery, and understanding the background of the target company's investors.

We leverage our advanced data, comprehensive and reliable data source as well as our team of experienced professionals to conduct objective, adequate and comprehensive business data such as to help business decision-makers avoid working with organizations with irregular operations, thereby preventing them from incurring financial loss or even legal penalties or administrative fines. Enterprises can confidently and healthily conduct business dealings with their partners.

Application Scenario

  • Initial transaction investigation for new customers
  • Regular review of existing customers
  • Small customers suddenly place large orders
  • Old customers suddenly delay payment
  • Sudden change in payment method after signing the contract
  • Increased risk in customer's country
  • Major events occur in customer's industry
  • Know yourself as well as competitors

Report Classification

Comprehensive Review of Enterprises

- Regular Review of Existing Customers

Small Customers Suddenly Place Large Orders

- Business Financial Report, Judicial Report, Import/Export Report

Sudden Change in Payment Method After Signing the Contract

- Business Affiliation Report

Compliance Verification

Through official and public channels, compliance verification will be conducted against the target enterprise and related parties, and the verification results and information sources will be displayed.

Information Fields

Risk highlights

Subject company information


  • Risk highlights
  • Registration Information
  • Shareholder & compliance
  • Ultimate holding & compliance check
  • Management
  • Legal representative & compliance check
  • Shareholder
  • Ultimate holding

Operation information

Third-party evaluation


  • Operation information
  • Business partners & compliance check
  • Third-party evaluation
  • Field investigation




High Risk

Target subject and senior executivel

● Record of corruption in business dealings

● Use of a shell company (e.g.,abnormal corporate governance structure, etc.)

● Financial difficulties

● Apparent lack of professional qualifications

● Credible rumors of corrupt practices

● Record of proceedings involving allegations of fraud/bribery/corruption

● F-level credit risk

● Registration status is cancelled/closed/revoked, etc.

● Product quality problems, major product quality accidents, etc.

● Record of default execution

● Tax evasion

● Arrears on employee wages

● Violating environmental regulations

● Publishing false advertisements

● Blacklisted by the relevant government

● Administrative penalties

● Negative news

● Fewer than five employees

● Established less than six months

● The registered business scope does not match the actual business

● The registered address is civil, not commercial

● Arrears or service problems of third party evaluation

● Facing bribery/money laundering/fraud/corruption/smuggling

● Significant abnormality in business or financial condition

● Legal representative flees

● Malicious transshipment

● Violation of labor regulations and illegal use of child labor

● Actual controller has dangerous habits


Target subject and senior executive and related enterprises

● Government institutions or government officials have the ownership of the target entities

● Family members or businesses are connected to the relevant government officiall Family members have government connections

● Record of lawsuits, but there are no accuse of bribery/money laundering/fraud/corruption/smuggling

● Potential competition/potential business conflict of interest

● Financial anomalies such as a significant decline in operating income or consecutive losses in the last two years or more

● Level D credit risk

● Customs certification as a dishonest enterprise

● Produce or sell unqualified products, but have not caused significant impact

● Shareholder capital reduction or failure to contribute as promised

● Short history (less than 3 years)

● Has been listed in the abnormal business directory

● Target subject has problems with the collection of accounts or entrusts a third party institution to collect accounts

● Agent level of the target subject is beyond the authorized scope

● Shareholders of the target subject participate in major transactions of the target subject

● The affiliated enterprises of the target entity participate in the major transactions of the target entity

● Negative information of administrative supervision

● Cases of cross-industry operations

● Third party evaluation of delinquent payment or service issues

● Publish false advertisements

● Abnormal situation in annual inspection

Related enterprises or institutions

● Execution and punishment in legal proceedings

● Negative news

● Blacklists, sanctions lists

Other negative situations beyond high risk

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