Fresh Investigation Report

Fresh investigation report

Fresh investigation report is a type of report done by our professional analysts. Apart from the latest database information, we interview the target company itself, its suppliers and customers, sales region, payment history etc., and obtain fresh information to complete the report. By reading the fresh investigation report, you can have a comprehensive and deep understanding of financial, industry background, etc. Even the shareholder and director of the legal representative are included in the report. The company's background will be more visual for you.

Conduct business with confidence with Gladtrust™ credit risk reports and services.

BCR Template

Information Fields





  • Registration information
  • Registration changes
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO)
  • History
  • Shareholder
  • Uitimate holding
  • Branches
  • Investment


Judicial information



  • Legal representative
    (&other positions)
  • Management
  • Directors&supervisors
  • Judicial information
  • Latest 2-3 years FS
  • Bank information mortgage


Public information


Industry background

  • Main business
  • Operation facilities
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Credit records
  • Electricity consumption
  • Employee
  • Ranking list
  • Recruitment
  • News
  • Websites
  • Administrative
  • Information
  • Trademarks
  • Patent
  • Export/Import permit
  • Rating by the custom
  • Import / export details
  • Industry background
  • Industry average financial

The world of business and finance is ever-changing, and changing faster than ever before. To make accurate decisions, credit information regarding companies must be totally up-to-date.

Strong business credit reports can be key to getting your company approved for trade credit and financing. Understand how they work and how to build strong business credit.

Upon the latest company credit reports of your suppliers or clients, you can prevent fraudulent activities such as financial fraud and embezzlement.

Information sources of Fresh Investigation Report include

  • Government Sources
  • Industry Sources/ 3rd Party Sources
  • Publicly Available Sources
  • The Subject Itself
  • 01

    Taking into account your unique business risks and risk profiles, we provide comprehensive corporate risk reports to help you avoid costly losses.

  • 02

    We bring an unmatched combination of industry specific expertise, deep intellectual capital, and global experience to the range of risks you face.

  • 03

    We leverage data, technology, and experience to help you stay away from risks.

Application Scenario

  • Initial transaction investigation for new customers
  • Sudden change in payment method after signing the contract
  • Regular review of existing customers
  • Increased risk in customer's country
  • Small customers suddenly place large orders
  • Major events occur in customer's industry
  • Old customers suddenly delay payment
  • Know yourself as well as your competitors

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