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Instant Report by Gladtrust™ is a type of report generated based on Gladtrust's massive and real-time updated enterprise information database with a turnaround time of only 30 minutes, which contains the latest enterprise data. After placing the order, it is reviewed and delivered to the customer through our cloud data review. Our Instant Report aims to provide a quick and cost-effective overview of your business partners at the time of onboarding and also on an annual basis and helps you assess opportunities and risks to assist you in growing your business internationally.

Instant Report Template

  • Abstract

    Basic information; Credit Rating; Credit Limit; Risk Overview; Contacts; General Comments; Financial Abstract

  • Registration Information

    Registration Information; Registration Changes; Entity Shareholder; Shareholder Information; Other Information; Possible Controller; Investment in Other Companies; Ultimate Holding Branches; History

  • Management

    Involvement in Other Companies; Management; Legal Representative; Directors and Supervisors

  • Judicial Information

    Default Executed Party; Subject as Executed Party; Administrative Illegal Records; Civil & Commercial Judgment Document; Civil & Commercial Trial Process

Report Contents
8 Sectors
106 Sub-dimensions

  • Operation Information

    Debt Collection Record; Sales Information; Purchase Information; Tender Information; Authentication Information; Import/ Export Permit; Trademark; Rating by the Customs; Import/ Export Details; News; Personnel Situation; Administrative Information; Customer

  • Financial Information

    Important Ratio; Latest Financial Information; Financials & Analysis; Growth Rate of Major Financial

  • Industry Information

    Industry Code; Industry Background; Industry Financial Average; Industry Core Index Chart

  • Qualifications & Trends

    Equity Frozen; Trademarks; Export/Import Permit; Rating by the Customs; Employee; Administrative Information; Tender Information; Mortgage Guarantee Information; Pledge Equity Import/Export Details

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100% Coverage of Chinese Companies

  • 1.Daily renewable database
  • 2.Cover all active companies registered in China
  • 3.Support for searching by English name, Chinese name or USCC


Customized Report Delivery Approach

  • 1.Support API connection
  • 2.Download instant reports with own user account
  • 3.Request and receive report via email


High Quality Report

  • 1.Trends in multiple information fields
  • 2.Latest continuous financial statement, exp.&imp. record
  • 3.Based on real-time information


Applicable Customers:
Banks, Insurance Companies, Enterprises etc.

Application Scenarios:
KYB, KYC, Compliance Check etc.

Why do you need company instant reports?

  • Check company credit reports to help reduce credit risk. Fast, reliable & secure.
  • Safeguard your business today by using Gladtrust™ online platform of corporate credit reports.
  • Get a company credit report and know the credit status of the businesses you trade with.

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