Debt Collection

Recover Your Bad Debt With The Best Collector

Are you facing following problems?

Wasting your time due to lack of professionals’ help and practical experience on debt collection.
High cost, time-consuming, complex process, and uncontrolled outcome of debt collection through litigation.
Long distances, regional disadvantages, language barriers, and complicated foreign laws in cross-border debt collection.


Gladtrust will help you

"Gladtrust" is a professional company in global debt collection. Its collection areas covers China and other 216 countries and regions around the world. "Gladtrust" uses legal and amicable ways to help enterprises solve various accounts receivable problems, reduce the bad debt ratio, improve their cash flow and finance, and reduce economic losses.

"Gladtrust" mainly adopts localized approaches in debt collection. With the help of local lawyers and debt collection teams, "Gladtrust" can provide a localized debt collection plan. They know the local laws,  language and customs better and also have a stronger social network, so they have a certain deterrent effect and influence on debtors and will have a higher success collection rate. "Gladtrust" follows the charge principle of "no success, no commission fee",  serving for you with a small cost and minimum loss way.

Our advantages

A wide coverage of debt collection service

 Gladtrust debt collection covers 230 Countries and regions around the world

 Strong cooperation with over seas debt collection team

◉ Gladtrust has cooperated with 622 professional debt collection teams from both domestic and overseas.

 A powerful capability in debt collection

 Gladtrust has joined in 24 well-known international credit and debt management unions.

 A high success rate

 Gladtrust’s Comprehensive debt recovery rate within 6 months reaches 50%-60%

Taking debt collection cases in China as an example, Gladtrust's collection network covers the whole country with hundreds of debt collection lawyers. Even in remote regions such as Xinjiang and Tibet, Gladtrust can also succeed in debt recovery. Meanwhile, regarding on business account debt management service, Gladtrust forms a strategic partnerships with many well-known companies in the world. Besides, the strong influence of Gladtrust’s credit checking services also helps it to lead its peers in China in terms of collection success rates.

Our service procedure

Step 1


Requirements submission

Submit collection requirements online or offline, Gladtrust then provides a free consultation for you.

Step 2


Case evaluation

Submit your case related documents, Gladtrust helps to match the professional agency to analyse it, then professional evaluation report is acquired.

Step 3


Case assignment

Accept the quotation from Gladtrust and sign the contract,  Gladtrust will start your case.

Step 4


Collection processing

Collection team takes your case, report the update regularly, and supervise the repayment of the debtor.

Step 5


Case closure

Get back your money successfully, you should pay the commissions to Gladtrust and then the case is closed. Or the case’s service period is over, Gladtrust will inform you the case is closed.

Submit your service requirement

More services


Revision on contract compliance

Gladtrust helps you to draft or review the contract or agreement to be signed, provide suggestions on contract modification to avoid terms missing and contract disputes.


Legal documents

Gladtrust helps issue powerful and professional lawyer’s letters and demand letters, it will force the debtor to treat the debts seriously, which has a quite effects on collection.


Cross-border litigation service

Gladtrust provides litigation service for your cross-border cases. No matter where the case you have, Gladtrust can provide a one-stop solution for your foreign litigation with the help of global lawyer database.


Field research

By providing customized overseas field research, Gladtrust can help you have a comprehensive understanding of your trade partners.

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