Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring

24/7 continuous credit monitor service enables customers to be informed of any changes including capital, financial, shareholder etc. of the targets and take necessary actions against the changes and reduce potential risk.

According to statistics, every minute, 90 companies register changes, 10 companies go bankrupt, and 50 companies are filed for investigation. Credit Monitor service ensures the clients are notified as soon as the target company has any changes. The sooner effective measures are taken, the lower the risk you will be faced.

Gladtrust Credit Monitor service is done automatically. When any changes to the monitored companies are captured, an email will be sent to your appointed e-mail address. We have 200,000 information sources for the monitor service and can ensure comprehensive monitoring of the target companies. Compared to the manual searching monitoring service by other suppliers, we can guarantee the clients are informed once changes are monitored without any delay. The client can take action at the earliest time to minimize risk.


Massive Data

Our database has covered 220 million Chinese enterprises, 1,396 industries, and hundreds millions of pieces of risk information


Intelligent Recognition

We have the most powerful data analysis technology and the ability to automatically and accurately identify risk information


Real-time Updates

200,000 + news sources, 3,000 China courts, hundreds of big data companies, and government resources, guaranteeing daily updates of 2 million+ risk information

The Whole Network Monitoring & Real-time Warning

Monitored items include

6 modules, 39 monitoring dimensions, whole network capture, to ensure the comprehensiveness of information.


  • News

Intellectual Property

  • Realm Name
  • Software Copyright/Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Patent

Operating Condition

  • Financing Dynamics
  • Annual Finance
  • Liabilities Information
  • Listing Information
  • Mortgage
  • Equity Pledge
  • Tender
  • Investment
  • Judicial Auction

Administrative Supervision

  • Tax Default
  • Tax Violation
  • Simple Cancellation
  • Clearing Information
  • Abnormal Operation
  • Environmental Penalties
  • Serious Illegality
  • Administrative Punishment

Legal Action

  • Delivery Announcement
  • Equity Freeze
  • Court Session Announcement
  • Court Announcement
  • Judicial Document
  • Default Executed Party
  • Executed Party Information

Change of Registration

  • Business Scope
  • Address
  • Major Shareholder Change
  • Key Personnel
  • Shareholder
  • Operation Status
  • Registered Capital
  • Legal Representative
  • Controller Change
  • Beneficiary Change

6 modules, 39 monitoring dimensions, can be freely combined


Post Loan Risk Supervision

Customer Risk Warning

Monitor Competitors

Enterprise Risk Self-inspection

Review of Investment Targets

Regulatory Enterprise Tracking

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