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Gladtrust™ provides various types of corporate credit reports

Suitable for different scenarios and companies of different sizes, relying on comprehensive and compliant information sources and international standard credit rating systems to comprehensively evaluate the target company, helping enterprises quickly grasp the business strength and risk level of partners, and make safe and effective business decisions.



The credit reports of Gladtrust™ are successfully constructed based on the largest online business credit information database - CreditVision. The database timely gathers and dynamically updates the information from more than 200,000 data sources. The process of updating and managing information can maximize the accuracy of information.

Instant Report

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Instant Report

Conduct a preliminary review of the target enterprise, quickly obtain the basic credit situation of the target enterprise, and assist enterprises in making efficient decisions. Instant Report is supported by Gladtrust™ Global Enterprise Database, which can achieve online interaction of credit information for multinational enterprises. Generate credit analysis results using big data analysis and manual verification; use a professional risk assessment method that integrates "Data+Model+System" to quickly understand business partners and complete the review of cooperative customers in batches, especially from the perspectives of business strength and payment performance (possibility of overdue) to understand the true situation of the target enterprise.

Fresh Investigation Report

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Fresh Investigation Report

The most comprehensive, complete, and detailed enterprise information, credit risk assessment and in-depth review of enterprises assist in comprehensive commercial decision-making. Fresh Investigation Report relies on Gladtrust™ 17 years’ experience and service advantages, with ample and reliable data and information sources, high-quality service standards, professional credit analysis models, and evaluation methods validated by the market for many years, as well as the exclusive interpretation and advice of nationally certified credit managers. Gladtrust™ can provide over 250,000 external services annually. We provide customers with credit and risk assessments required for each stage of their business partnership (including before, during, and after cooperation) to facilitate safe and wise business decisions.

International Credit Report

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International Credit Report

Covering 230 countries and regions worldwide, supporting delivery in up to 3 days, and enabling real-time query in 130 countries. International Credit Report integrates 13 dimensions of enterprise information, including background information, comprehensive strength, credit rating, repayment ability, and negative information. The report is issued after completing data analysis and manual review. By providing timely and accurate business information intelligence to assist enterprises in making business decisions, seizing business opportunities, providing security and support for international credit cooperation, and resolving multiple issues that cross-border transactions may face, such as fraud, credit crisis, and trade risks.

Compliance Report

Compliance Report is a customized report provided for clients' special compliance reviews.

The report includes the compliance information verification of the target subject and its controlling shareholders, participating shareholders, legal representatives, other senior executives (including board of directors and supervisors), subsidiaries, participating companies, branches, companies under legal persons, customers, suppliers and other enterprises and individuals.

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  • Compliance verification of the target subject

    Compliance verification includes government background check, government blacklist, corruption check, bribery record, judicial proceedings, potential conflict of interest, administrative punishment, fraud/money laundering/ counterfeiting, financial regulatory review, negative news, main business and enterprise qualification check, abnormal operation check, credit risk check, financial check, operational information, shell company scan, violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, business dealings with the country resisted by USA, problem in account recovery or entrusting a third party to collect accounts, the agent level exceeds the authorized scope.

  • Compliance verification of all relevant parties

    The relevant parties include the controlling shareholders, participating shareholders, legal representatives, other senior executives (including directors and supervisors), subsidiaries, participating companies, branches, companies under legal persons, customers, suppliers and other multi-party enterprises and individuals of the target subject.

  • Third party evaluation

    Supplier evaluation: payment credit history.
    Customer evaluation: timeliness of delivery, product quality and other aspects.
    Employee evaluation: employee benefit/care, management system, etc.
    Competitor evaluation: products, reputation, etc.



Gladtrust™ provides its clients with a possibility to gain a deeper understanding of their partners.

Users are able to request such investigations to be performed on any business entity in any of the 230 countries worldwide, resulting in a credit report that has been checked and verified against the most current and detailed credit information available. Gladtrust™ can provide correct and complete information on associated enterprises relying on institution data characteristics and unique data matching and retrieval techniques for business association inquiry, which constitutes an important safeguard for search effect and efficiency. We make our company credit reports as clear and complete as possible, so everyone in a business can use them without a financial background. Thanks to our ease of use and continuous improvement of our products, Gladtrust™ is proud to maintain a 95% customer retention rate.

  • Comprehension investigations to meet needs

    Comprehension investigations to meet needs

  • Risks-avoiding and efficient decsion-making

    Risks-avoiding and efficient decsion-making

  • Security, authenticity and comprehensiveness of data

    Security, authenticity and comprehensiveness of data

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